Are you at a crossroads in your life? Or are you up against something? Do you feel stressed, insecure or out of balance? 

Imagine what it would be like if you:

  • get grip again on your life and on your career

  • feel more self assured and comfortable in connection with your environment

  • dare to show your personality

  • know which steps you would like to take and have the guts to set a new direction for yourself


Outdoor life coaching is about self-reflection and personal growth: being honest with yourself, exploring your path step-by-step and making conscious choices about where to go next. Outdoor life coaching will take you further. We use nature as a source of inspiration. You'll get direction and perspective again. I'd be happy to join you for a bit on your path in life. Let's walk and talk.


What may you expect?

  • a free of charge intake, no strings attached

  • choose the Discovery Journey (330 euros, private rate) or the MapsTell Adventure with your own personal map and routeguide for the World of Difference (395 euros, private rate) 

  • 3 sessions with an interval of about 2 weeks

  • small homework assignments

  • a short telephone consultation within 3 months after the last session


The meeting is always on, except when there is a weather alarm. In that case the appointment can take place indoors.


Very pleased to meet you! My name is Bianca van Someren. I am married and mother of 2 adolescent girls. People in my environment describe me as calm, involved, honest and friendly. I am a good listener and I tend also to hear the things that are not being said. My working method is characterized by a "giraffe view": with both feet firm on to the floor, but always with an eye for the bigger picture and the long term. As a result, I can help create overview as well as quickly grasp the essence of the situation, resulting in clear and concrete outcomes.

My broad experience as a rehabilitation physical therapist, trainer, senior HR advisor and team leader in a complex and international context is valuable. Because of this, I have an understanding of what it is like to work in healthcare and education, whether in a support role, as a highly trained academic or as a manager. I value diversity and variety. My main motivation is to give people insight into their qualities and options, to spark self-confidence and to encourage self-direction. I have an in-depth knowledge of career and leadership development, reintegration and team building. I also understand that people can be faced with unexpected or overwhelming situations in their lives and in their work. That's not always easy to deal with. Then I will be there to walk alongside you for a while.


In recent years, I have completed several coaching courses. Techniques and methods I use come from progress-oriented coaching, NLP, yoga and meditation. Also, I'm a certified Maps-Tell Guide and put the World of Difference to use during training and coaching.


I believe in the importance of taking responsibility and making choices. I believe in the power of small steps. I have faith in your power and in the power of nature.